The easiest way to extract and replace sprinkler heads

The xTrax tool helps you change sprinkler heads in minutes. No digging. No mess.

"I love this tool! One simple tool to change out sprinkler heads in minutes. It's a must have tool for every landscape pro. It's incredible! I love it!"

Tim Mercer | TBM Handyman Services, Yuba City, CA

See xTrax in Action

How it Works

Pull out sprinkler heads in 3 easy steps!


Remove Sprinkler Cap

Clean around area and remove sprinkler head cap


Insert xTrax

Squeeze xTrax and insert  into sprinkler body 


Twist to Unscrew & Extract

Twist to unscrew and gently pull to extract sprinkler head

Installing new sprinklers is just as easy. Simply reverse the steps.

No More Digging

Leave your shovel in the shed

Make a CLEAN swap. No Digging. No Mess.

Quick & Easy

Replace a sprinkler head in less than a minute without breaking a sweat

Made for Professionals

Stainless Steel Design  - Built to Last (looks great too!)

  • Use on both pop-up and rotor type sprinklers
  • Works with most sprinkler heads (1" to 2 3/16" ID)
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Simple to use
  • Quick repair prevents downtime & landscape damage
  • Cost effective solution

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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